Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Sticker Frame UCCWidget

Must have UCCW from play store installed to use this theme.
Please read and follow instructions below to add your image.

This widget was made by iPhonemize and I was given permission to use and convert it. Wallpaper I added is from iKreations

Save this uzip and move to UCCWoutput folder using a file app. Create new widget by long pressing home screen, size 2x2. Select Uzip from top right corner and find the theme in the folder you placed it in prior. To make it bigger long press the widget after setting it and resize. 

To add your photo tap on widget and select edit Objects/image 3. Scroll down and select image. This will allow you to go to your gallery and add your photo. Then scale and move it so it is placed perfectly below the frame. 
You may need to crop your photo to have a better fit. You can do this from the gallery itself by pressing the menu button from the photo and scroll down to select crop. 

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