Saturday, 22 February 2014


Must download UCCW from play store to use these themes.
I try to get the alignment as correct as possible but the app isn't perfect and messes around with the positioning.
How to set UCCW:
Please save the uzip and using a file app move to UCCWoutput folder. Then long press screen to add widget and when setting select uzip from the top right corner. Find theme in the folder and select.

Set these as 4x2
Set as 4x4


Weather conditions

Horizontal date

Today is

Weather sets in widgets were made by the wonderful Cathy at CuteeiPhone and the icons and wallpapers in the last screen are from iPhonemize and heart Go Launcher badge from SweetXPoison


  1. How can I change the Icons from "WEATHER CONDITIONS" ???? please help :(

    1. @Breezzyswife : Check 3 posts over. I have some sets and instructions. You have to use sets that were made for UCCW.