Wednesday, 15 January 2014


Please follow instructions.
Download and save using a file app. Then find and move the theme .uzip to the uccwOutput folder. Now apply UCCW to home screen and select to open uzip and find theme.
It's date and message board 2:
To get emails posting notifications open the widget and select edit/gmail and scroll down to select the email account. 
Vertical date:
(Theme used in screen is from iPhonemize)


  1. Hi Lucy love you developer work! I need some help I purchased a z30 blackberry and I can not find a single person that makes themes for this phone. I've been an android chick for four years and this phone is not customizable at all. No key boards no font s no launchers... yup no nothing. I love use style can you make some walls with Kuromi for me? And hello kitty?