Sunday, 30 June 2013

Rainbow UCCW

You need Ultimate Custom Clock Widget from the play store to use these. Download and use file app to move the (theme).uzip too UCCWOutput folder in the phone storage. Create new widget
by long pressing home screen and select 4x2 layout. Then select uzip at the top right corner of screen and find the location of the (theme).uzip and select.



(Image for widget was not made by me. Came from a widget made for iPhone. This was requested.)

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Go Launcher Badges

Fo this to work you will need to download Go Notifications Ex from the play store. If you have Go Launcher installed from the play store already please go to the preferences and do a back up so your settings are saved. Then uninstall Go Launcher by doing so from the play store. Now you can install the themed version. And restore your Go Launcher settings from the same place you did the back up. To install themed versions when already using a different themed version you do not need to uninstall Go Launcher first.

Rainbow Pastel Go Launcher Theme

For use with Go Launcher

(You will be redirected to download link after completing purchase.)

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Its Fucking Time And Condition UCCW

(Export and save to your device memory using a file app. Place in UCCWOutput. And create new UCCW widget by long pressing home screen. Then tap on widget to open it and select uzip and go to the theme and select.)
Theme in screen shot from LoveMyDroid and font from FontCraze

Weather Icon is not in the UCCW, it is BeWeather widget placed side by side.