Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Pastel Christmas Super Status Bar and Go Launcher Pro Badge Theme

I made these to match Lhey's iPastel Christmas Go Launcher theme as seen in screenshot.

Super Status Bar: DOWNLOAD
After download, install and open. Then activate in SSB.

Go Launcher Badge: DOWNLOAD
Back up original version of Go Launcher to save the settings through preferences/backup. Then delete app and install this version. If you are using a themed version already, just install over like an update.


  1. How do I get the snowman to appear in the status bar theme

  2. How did you get the purple snowman wallpaper with pink dock? I thought the extra wallpapers on LHeys page weren't available for android?

    1. @Bobi: She didn't make them for android. I am using the iPhone 5 sized with an app called wallpaper wizardii to set them.

    2. Oh makes sense!:) thanks!

  3. How to use super status bar? And apply this theme I already buy the premium ver pls reply:( can you have a tutorial it?