Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Downgrade Super Status Bar App

Some of you are having issues with the update for SSB. Seems there's a bug with adding carrier, it crashes and makes the app unusable. Here is a download to the previous version I don't mind sharing. Know that the app developer FireZenk is working on a fix. Until then, dont update.



  1. Hoe do you use the ssb advance settings? I cant seem to use the mixmybar classic ? Want my carrier to be in the center, battery, percentage, & wifi on the left side. Then signal bar, 4g network bar & time on the right ? I camt make it go that way with the cute themes you have.. please help. Im new.with amdroid. Thank you.

    1. @xoxojessaa: Watch the tutorial. I don't have time to teach lessons. I taught myself so I'm sure you can too.