Friday, 31 August 2012

Sexy Smart Keyboard Skin

Please follow instructions to download, save and use skin in first Smart Keyboard Skins post.
Download: Here

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Pastel Smart Keyboard Skin

For instructions please check my first Smart Keyboard Skins post.
Download: Pastel
(Place in sdcard/skins)

Sunday, 26 August 2012


Here is a widget I made for use with Ultimate Custom Clock Widget. For detailed instructions go here

Download: Straight Bar

Saturday, 25 August 2012


Please make sure you read all instructions before using the themes I've posted. I go out of my way to include detailed instructions so the least you can do is read them. And note: *MY PHONE IS NOT ROOTED* All themes are made for spacific apps so please install them if you plan to use the themes. The apps can all be found in the play store unless stated other wise.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

3 More SSB Carriers

UCCW Themes

Here are two more themes I made for UCCW. Please follow instructions.

After downloading theme, with your file app move the themes .uzip document into sdcard/uccwOutput.

 Now go to your home screen to add the widget by long pressing the screen and select the 5x1 UCCW. Now select create new skin and exit out. You will have a widget on your screen that will look like this:
Now go back into it by touching the widget on the screen and select your menu button then Import skin. Navigate to the .uzip and select.
That's it.


For the weather, unzip and place it in: sdcard/ultimate custom clock widget/weather. Make sure you are putting in one file and when you open it all the weather icons are there: weather/weather theme name/images.

Apply weather within app:

Set weather location: open widget, menu button/settings

Carriers for Super Status Bar

OK. One of my favorite apps is Super Status Bar. I've posted status bars before for it as it allows you to customize it. After asking the developer if he could possibly add the option to use images to replace the carrier logo, he has gratefully and quickly tweaked it to do so. I know the app is buggy and he has asked me to help him note what needs fixing. This is great news.
Here are a few images of the carriers I have made. Follow the instructions.

How to add carriers:
After saving icons, with your file app move them to the following: sdcard/android/data/com.firezenk.ssb/carriers. The image you want to use at the moment is to be renamed "carrier". Each time you change it just turn off SSB and turn back on to apply changes.
To activate Images for Carriers: Open SSB then go to elements/carrier and select Use sdcard image. Done.
Carrier Icons:

What's App Plus

So, I found this really cool updated app on XDA Forums called What's App Plus. It allows you to create, download and share themes. Lots of customisation going on in this one. You have to be grateful for developers who work so hard in creating these and then sharing. Here I will share the app link and 2 themes I've made so far.

IMPORTANT  Please delete the previous version of Whats App if you already have it installed on your device before installing this one.

Save to anywhere on device or sd memory then go into app and select the menu button/plus/themes/load. then go back and forth to the location of the theme you want to use and select. Then get out of the app and go back in to see the changes.

Saturday, 11 August 2012


I haven't been on in quite a while. With the kids home for the summer I am swamped. I'm now on the Samsung Galaxy S3 and it is a great phone. I wanted to share my screen shot with you. This theme is in the market and is called Puppy Love. The Widgets are UCCW. I've overlapped images to create the hello Kitty frame in the center. I hope to post some more goodies some time soon its just hard to find the time.