Saturday, 9 June 2012

My Nyan Cat/Hello Kitty Icing Case

I've had this really cute Nyan Cat cabochon sitting around for a while, waiting to be used on a case. A good friend of mind on twitter made it for me at a great price and I've been saving it for the perfect phone. I'm happy with the end results.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Glitter Screen Protector

Finally received my glitter screen protectors. I have to say I love it. It looks very girly and has a smooth finish just like a regular clear screen protector. If you are looking for one just check out eBay and search diamond glitter screen protector.

I Love HK Smart Keyboard Skin

After using this keyboard for a day I have to say, it's getting better. With the learn my text option on, it starts learning each word you type. So, if you have the patience to fix all the mistakes for a little while, give it a try. Here is another keyboard I made. This one has a transparent background. Enjoy.

(Only works with Smart Keyboard. Do not unzip!! Save as .zip and place in sdcard/skins. If you do not have a skins folder please create one.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Message Center Skins for UCCW

Screen Shot:

You can add your gmail, sms's, and missed calls to this board and add hot spots as I did over each icon so that when I select the icons, it will open that corresponding app.

Just click on each item and save to your gallery and use as background .

I'll be making some new skins soon since this is one of my favorite apps.

Few More Status Bars

Status Bars for use with Super Status Bar

Click on each status bar and save it to your gallery.

Bubbly Purple Smart Keyboard Skin

I finally got to make my first keyboard skin. This one is for Smart Keyboard Pro. I hope to figure out how to make keyboard skins for different keyboards. I'm not the biggest fan of this app but hey, I can theme it. lol. Follow the download instructions below the screen shots and download link.

(after downloading please make sure you do not unzip but save it instead. You will need to use a file app on your device and create a file. This file will be labelled "skins" and the placement will be: sdcard/skins. Now move the folder here and activate the theme in the keyboard settings.)