Thursday, 17 May 2012

My Must Have Customisable Apps

A lot of new Android users ask me what apps I use for customising my phone. Here I put a list together with some screen shots. Hope this will help.

1. Go Launcher Ex: This is a home launcher I prefer. With so many themes on line and on the market, this app makes customising easy. You can mix and match between the themes you have installed on your device and use your own icons, docks and wallpapers saved in your gallery. So many options and plenty of updates with new goodies and fixes. I haven't experienced any issues and I love it.

2. Widget Locker: This app will customise your lockscreen. With custom sliders and more you can download, wallpapers, custom grid size, widgets and adding your fave or most important apps for easy access.
(Photo: Widget Locker with Icons from iphantom, BeWeather with set from iheartmybb, date and time widget is Minimalistic Text #9)
3. BeWeather: Great weather widget with daily and hourly forecast and many great themes to choose from. There is a free version as well, but you will not be able to take advantage of the weather icon themes in this version. It is worth the $.

4:Go SMS Pro: My favorite way to use SMs and MMS. Again, tons of themes to download in the Play Store and tons of ways to customise yourself. With Pop ups for quick replying.

5: Go Contacts EX: This is the perfect app for you if your bored of the stock phone app. Download themes from the Play Store. Have groups of contacts saved and favorites.
6: Keyboards: There are so many different keyboards to choose from. I love both Go Keyboard (with emoji plugin) and Ultra Keyboard. You can download themes for Go Keyboard and customise the background with you own images. With Ultra Keyboard you can use the Go Keyboard themes and download skins. You can create your own themes through the settings as well by editing all the colors. And save your own texts in the clipboard.

7: Super Status Bar: Customize the layout and look of your status bar.Change the fonts and font colors, Background with images from your gallery or one solid color. customise the toggles, carrier, panel background and if you purchase the full version, you can chose themes with  different signal/wifi and battery icons.

8: Issimo: This is by far (in my oppinion), the best twitter client available for android devices. Plenty of theme options to use as layout and then just customise with your favorite colors, timeline bubbles or boxes, pop ups for quick replies, push notifications and more. Great help when needed and there's always great goodies to expect with each update. This app is not available in the play store, but can be purchased with a VIP membership for $10 by contacting @britishturbo via twitter and visit themobizone. This app is worth every penny!!

9: Ultimate Custom Clock Widget (UCCW): This is a widget you can add to you homescreen or lockscreen. Add the date, time, weather, custom text, and so much more. I just started using this app and it can look really confusing at first, but don't be afraid. Play around with it and descover all the goodies. Its free and in the market. You cand find a few themes on line as well like at themesinmotion . Another option is Minimalistic Text. Does a lot of the same things but not all the same features. It is a little easier to use.

10: Wallpaper Wizardii: This app is perfect for applying wallpapers to your homescreen. I always have trouble applying the perfect size wallpapers, this will help that problem.

One thing I always rely on is my files app. Lets you get behind the scenes and add extra customiztion options once you get the hang of it. I use And Explore.


  1. Thank you for posting this. Great info.

  2. Hello. Is there any other app that can apply theme to Twitter? Because my friend has a very cute theme but it's not using Issimo, and she doesn't wants to tell me.

  3. Hi I was wondering what is the name of the icon set in the first picture: )